Developer Update - Symmetra Redesign

November 22nd, 2016Jeremie

Jeff Kaplan is back with the latest Developer Update. This developer update covers the upcoming Symmetra Redesign, the release time line for Oasis and a new social feature.


  • Symmetra is effective on Point A defenses, but when Point A is taken, Symmetra's effectiveness decreases where many players feel they need to switch heroes.
  • Symmetra will have the choice of two ultimates
    • ‚ÄčThe well-known 6 charge teleporter, which has more health and part of that health converted into a shield.
    • A shield generator - A built object, which puts a substantial shield on all teammates in a large radius, ignoring line of sight.
  • Symmetra's old shields have been replaced by Photon Barrier, as they felt like a chore to keep up on all players.
  • Symmetra can now keep up to 6 charges of her turrets, with an increased charge rate. 
  • Her primary fire now has a slightly longer range.
  • Coming Soon to the PTR!


  • Also coming soon to the PTR!
  • They want to see all the creative uses of the jump pads.
  • Hopefully early 2017!

Stay With Group

  • A New Button after the game that automatically creates a party!



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