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September 23rd, 2016Robert

The staff here at OverKing have been busy putting together new tools and features, and today we are proud to announce the first of those new features with the release of our new Highlights Browser!

The new highlights browser is an easy tool to allow you to quickly upload your own highlights to our website, and share those highlights with the community. With multiple different search options, we allow users to easily filter highlights with precision, showing only highlights matching the exact things they want to see!


Highlights can be filtered in many different ways:

  • Filter by Hero
  • Filter by a Certain Role
  • Filter by specific rules of what happens within that clip! 

Each of these filters can be combined, to allow versatile results, such as "Clips where Reinhardt wins the game, without using his ultimate", or "Clips where a support hero, but not Ana, kills 3 enemy targets themselves". These are just a couple of examples that can be done, so feel free to really pick what you want to watch!


When searching for highlights, the following tags are available within our system to search with.

  • Eliminations: The player receives 3 enemy player eliminations within a short period of time.
  • Killing Spree: The player receives 3 enemy player kills within a short period of time. The player must have actually done a majority of the damage for the kill.
  • Skillful Aiming: Tthe player shows exceptionally skillful aiming.
  • No Ultimate: No ultimate was used. This is best used with other filters to avoid "Q of the game" highlights.
  • Powerful Ultimate: An ultimate was used and generally affecting the majority of the enemy team.
  • Humor: A highlight intended to be funny or showcase glitches.
  • Game-Winning: Plays that may not normally be exceptional, but are made at crucial times or positions and directly resulting in a win.
  • Support: Highlights showcasing a support mindset, not just on support heroes.
  • Staff Picks: Picks made by our moderation team to be the highest quality of Highlights.
  • Professional: Highlights of professional or tournament play.



To add your own highlight to our system, simply select Add Highlight, and give us the URL that it is hosted on. Currently, we accept gfycat, imgur, and clips.twitch.tv. We hope to expand this to cover youtube and other sources eventually. Once selecting the URL, provide us the battletag of the profile making the play if possible, and some brief information about which of the tags you think it best fits. Because of the abusable nature of video clips, each clip goes thru a moderation process to make sure it is actual Overwatch content, family safe, and appropriate. Our moderation team will quickly review the highlight, and it will generally be available for searching.


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