New Reinhardt Legendary Skin, The Last Bastion

August 18th, 2016Jeremie

The Last Bastion Animated Short is premiering at Gamescom today at 9 AM Pacific! You can watch the live stream premiere on the YouTube stream found below.


Ganymede Plush

The developers of Overwatch brought a Ganymede plushie on stage! This plushie will be available in the Blizzard Gear Shop later this fall!

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BOO BOO DOO DE DOO! With his plucky friend by his side, Bastion never fights alone—and neither will you with this adorable 6.5" inch tall Ganymede plush! Made of polyester and velour, Ganymede makes a great companion regardless of your current skin, and you can take him anywhere from King’s Row to Ilios. He’s ready to go!



  • The location where Omnics and German Defense Forces had a war in the past
  • It is the most vertical map with castle walls and ramparts, in addition to a drawbridge with death pits on either side
  • The end of the payload line is the German Commander's final resting place, where you are tasked with recovering his armor
  • This armor will be a new legendary skin!


There will be two version of this skin: Pristine and Overgrown.

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There are two versions of the skin: 

A "pristine" version and an "overgrown" version 

Both are available in the Hero Gallery for 1000 credits or can be obtained via loot boxes.


The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion has premiered and shows the backstory of Bastion and Ganymede. We've got some screenshots of the short below!



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