Patch 1.5 Now Live - Sombra, EcoPoint: Antarctica, Arcade

November 7th, 2016Jeremie

Patch 1.5 which was previously on PTR is now live! This patch contains the new Arcade mode, Sombra, Oni Genji and EcoPoint; Antarctica.



5 game modes have launched with the Arcade:

  • 1v1 Mystery Duel
  • 3v3 Elimination
  • 6v6 Mystery Heroes
  • 6v6 All Brawls!
  • 6v6 No Limits

For your first win in the 1v1 Mystery Duel and 3v3 Elimination Modes, you'll receive a loot box. In addition, for your 3rd, 6th and 9th win in the Arcade every week, you will win an additional loot box. 


For more information on each game mode, check out the screenshots below.






Oni Genji (Promotional Event in Heroes of the Storm)


Cidro (75)


Incendio (75)


Mar (75)


Noche (75)


Glitch (250)


Virus (250)


Azucar (1000)


Los Muertos (1000)


Augmented (1000)


Cyberspace (1000)



There are three emotes for Sombra: Amused, Hold On, Masterpiece



Victory Poses

There are three Victory Poses for Sombra; Hacked, Kneeling, Rising.



Voice Lines

There is unfortunately, no "Boop" Voice Line.


Highlight Intros






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